Organic Soil Nourishment – Big Island Style!

Our Story

The story of Makai-Grow is really the story of Palm Valley Farm, where it's made.

Nestled into 33 acres of natural splendor on the Big Island's East Coast, Palm Valley Farm is a true tropical paradise. Indeed, we have more than 150 different species of palm trees, waterfalls, ponds, lots of bees (we make and sell honey too), and much more.

In 2005, we purchased the farm, thinking it would be an ideal vacation getaway and bed and breakfast. And it was, with hundreds of happy guests relishing their time on the Big Island.

But times change, and we decided to instead utilize the actual "farm" aspect of the property. But there was a small problem: we get a ton of rain here on the east coast of the island. The amount of rain we get washes away soil nutrients and even applied fertilizer, and makes the soil unsuitable to grow strong, healthy crops.

We needed to do something.

We had heard about fish hydrolysate, and decided to give that a try. We utilized contacts in the local fish market to acquire the fresh scraps from their daily work, and we set about creating our own fish fertilizer. And we hit paydirt! The result of our efforts is Makai-Grow, which is what we feel is the best cold processed fish hydrolysate on the market today. The secret, in our opinion, is the Big Island itself, and the fish that live here.

See, the Big Island is volcanic, and it's still growing. Indeed, this is some of the newest land on the planet. The lava hits the ocean, and brings with it minerals from deep in the earth. This gives the ocean plants and life something they don't get anywhere else on earth. That's why Makai-Grow Fish Hydrolysate is different from any other fish hydrolysate you can buy.

It worked wonders for us. It works for our neighbors and clients, and it will work for you. Makai-Grow is a fantastic soil additive that performs as a chelator to bind the nutrients into the soil, which then strengthens the root structure and encourages growth/blooming.

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