Organic Soil Nourishment – Big Island Style!


Makai: Hawaiian Word Meaning "Towards the Sea"

Makai-Grow: An Organic Liquid Fertilizer Made From Hawaiian Fish.

The ocean waters that surround Hawaii are teeming with life. We bring that life to your farm or garden. Naturally.

Makai-Grow is a liquid, fish-based hydrolysate, made from the fresh fish who swim the shores of Hawaii's Big Island.

That's what sets us apart. Our nutrient-rich, cold-processed fish fertilizer comes from the day's fresh catch at the local fish market. We literally recycle the scraps into a natural fish hydrolysate, so it's a very environmentally friendly product as well.

Makai-Grow is great for your soil, and your plants, bringing the essence of the Big Island to your farm, garden, or growhouse. Whether you use it as fertilizer, occasional plant food, or as a soil binding agent, you'll be very happy with the results.

That Makai-Grow comes from the Big Island matters, too. The rich, volcanic nature of this place gives everything around it life and vigor (think of Kona coffee, which is also from here.) So we could discuss the vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and more. But we'd rather show you a picture:

Our Makai-Grow fertilizer comes from these waters. We have active volcanoes here, and they continually bring minerals from deep in the earth to the surrounding ocean.


We like to say it's "Poke For Your Plants".

While everyone in Hawaii understands the slogan, for those in the mainland, "poke" is a seasoned raw fish that Islanders enjoy.

But the analogy is a good one, because your soil and plants will deeply absorb the nutrients found in Makai- Grow. It's good for everything – your soil, earthworms (it's fantastic food for them), and whatever you are growing. It's also great for all soil types, and is particularly effective for both heavy rainfall areas and also areas that suffer from drought.

Makai-Grow also contains calcium and iron, builds soil trace elements and nitrogen, improves seed germination and develops stronger roots. It's an all-around soil additive, whether you use it by itself of combine with other plant foods and fertilizers.

Makai-Grow is available one place – right here, from Hawaiian Soil Therapeutics. We offer several sizes and prices – click here to go to our secure online store.